If you love your product, you have high standards for the quality of its ingredients and are strict about its artisan production. That’s how we do it here at PARÈ.
A few select ingredients from the heart of Emilia-Romagna are carefully processed every day to offer fragrant, crumbly products free from any preservatives and with an extremely short list of ingredients.


This product is exclusively made on our farmland with milk from cows fed on fodder from this area.
Known as the king of cheeses for nine centuries, it becomes a key ingredient of our products following a long, slow, natural ageing process of 24 months.


This product is exclusively made with milk from herds of sheep that have freely grazed around the Lazio and Sardinian countryside for two thousand years.
We select and use Pecorino Romano for our products that has been aged for at least 10 months to give it the typical aroma and flavour of this cheese.


We use high-quality soft wheat flour in our dough from local mills that have belonged to farmers and millers for generations, working to the highest health and safety standards.


We use Italian oil mills that press sunflower seeds to get an oil characterised by its oleic acid content, which is more stable at high temperatures and therefore widely used in baked products.


This sweet sea salt is made naturally by evaporating sea water. Made from very pure sodium chloride, it preserves all the properties of the salt and trace elements found in the original sea water.

Alongside its sweetness, we chose to use this variety of salt to make our PARÈ snacks with Parmigiano Reggiano due to its long link with the king of cheeses.

In fact, in the 12th century, Benedictine monks from Marola Abbey, who first created the “Formadio” cheese at the farmhouse (“domus”) in Corniano, were granted access to two salt pans in Cervia so they could get salt to produce the forefather of modern Parmigiano Reggiano.


The cream which spontaneously rises to the top every day at Parmigiano Reggiano dairy farms can be used to make a creamy, delicately flavoured butter, which we use to make our PARÈ Sbrisolona crunchy tart with Parmigiano Reggiano.


A prized fruit grows in the soil next to tree roots in the forests around the Italian Apennines: the truffle.
This is also where we get the black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) which, when cut into thin slices, is then chopped and added to our dough to make PARÈ snacks with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle.

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